At WIDE-EMU '12, the second annual an (un)conference, the central theme is focused on the questions:

 "What is composing today? How do people learn (and teach) it?"

This is a uniquely framed but central question to the way we are  constructing education and interacting with  information in our world today. We are surrounded by an abundance of learning communities and are constantly faced with new innovations and ways people are challenging conventional concepts of composition and instruction. 

I am presenting at this conference coming up on October 20th and I am choosing to  to take a unique approach to that question with my workshop: Keep it Open: Building Public Sites in the Wild. 

Check out my short video below!
I will be leading an interactive session where participants will explore search tools and educational resources that support strong educational practices for creating and using public websites in the classroom. 

People rarely consider who owns the variety of the images and resources we come across on the internet. Between the personal pictures, artistic content, and professional images we come across in a general Google search, we are often unaware of potential constraints when using those images. It's easy to lose track of their origin and start saving favorites (we all do it or Pinterest wouldn't be so popular!). 

I'll share an overview of the type of image content that is available on the web and the importance of recognizing the value of Creative Commons resources. Participants will take away core values that will help them make better informed choices on how they are building out websites and e-portfolios with reused image content and a collection of website resources that will make life easier! 

I am excited for this great opportunity to discuss and share information with others who are also interested in the theme this year. Check out the conference information and other participant content here:

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