On Fridays, at the University of Michigan's North Quad (105 S. State St), Open.Michigan joins different groups and organizations for a few hours to share a common space for studying and relaxation. A variety of events go on: english tutoring, writing support, yoga, study sessions, discussions, and much more. 

On October 26th, we are going to try something new at Fun Friday. I will be leading a session where participants complete a challenge on P2PU's School of Open

So let me back up and give a little background. P2PU is an open education platform that launched a few years ago to help establish a place for people to teach and learn about a wide array of concepts, skills, etc. People or groups can go in and create a challenge, a series of work and exercises that results in participants learning a new skill or idea. Anyone can take any challenge of interest to them and learn skills they want to learn.

Within P2PU, the School of Open was created to teach people about open content. The School of Open was only established this year and is still in its early stages but is growing with more content on all the wide ranging areas of open content; from Creative Commons to Wikipedia.

Now... back to Fun Fridays! On the 26th, I will be leading participants through the School of Open's "Get CC Savvy" challenge. This is an exciting opportunity for a number of reasons: 
  1. This is a very new resource! School of Open just launched which means its content is very fresh. While people have been learning about Creative Commons and Open Source for a while, this is a whole new way of learning about it.
  2. This is a learning experience for everyone! While you will be learning about Creative Commons and how to use open education sources like P2PU, I will also be learning about it. We will be learning about this together; how it really works, if you are learning what you thought you'd be learning, and if its a way people want to learn.
  3. This has never been done before (with the School of Open courses)! People usually work through online courses like this on their own and when they have time but for the first time, we will be learning this content as a group. This is a great opportunity to learn it together and to learn from each other. Yes, these are built for people to do individually and at their own pace but trying it out at a group will definitely be very interesting and maybe it will be something we want to keep doing ...we won't know until we find out.

Please RSVP below if you are interested in coming.

So come by, experiment, have fun, and learn something!

    What: "Get CC Savvy" Workshop 
    Where: Fun Friday @ 2435

                North Quad
                105 S. State Street, Ann Arbor
    When: October 26th, 2012
               1:30- 3:30 PM
    Who: Anyone

    Note: Bring your laptop!